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Spring Landscaping & Maintenance Tips

Spring Landscaping & Maintenance Tips


Well it’s time again for everyone to start preparing for spring and summer. Here are some tips to help with your yard maintenance.


1.     Make sure all outside hose bibs are uncovered and covers are stored for next year’s use.

2.     Mowing: Allow grass to get a strong head start before you begin mowing, reaching a height of 3 or 4 inches, depending on the type of grass. Use a mulching mower and leave grass clippings on the lawn where they’ll break down and recycle the nutrients they contain. Then, plan to mow frequently about every week enough so that you remove no more than one-third the grass blade each time you mow.

3.     Watering: Set your sprinkler system to provide a thorough watering. If rainfall hasn’t been adequate, set it for about twice a week through spring and as the weather heats up increase it to three times a week for 1/2 to 1 inch of water each time. Apply water slowly, so it sinks in rather than running off. This technique encourages plants to grow deep roots that are more drought-tolerant than shallow roots. Allowing grass and soil to dry between watering also minimizes disease, since most are caused by fungi that need moisture to spread.

4.     Keep sidewalks free of debris and trip hazards.

5.     Keep bushes, hedges, shrubs and blackberry bushes trimmed and clippings picked up.

6.     Make sure to check your Air Filter monthly (If Applicable) and change it if needed. Make sure nothing is stored on or around the exterior condenser fan.

7.     Test your smoke detectors and CO detectors monthly and change batteries if needed

Feel free to call us for any tips on how to improve your landscaping.

Thank you for keeping our communities looking great.




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